Without even trying you could probably name at least a dozen shopping cart solutions that are out on the market. While each has their pros and cons, the one that has the greater market share and is the most widely used online is a WordPress based theme with a Woocommerce Shopping cart plugin combination. Currently, the WordPress platform-based websites power 35 percent of the online marketplace. And among those, 93 percent of online merchants – approx. 4million – use Woocommerce as the plug-in driving their website sales.

Because of its dominance in the online market, it is the wisest choice to specialize in their installations in the ecommerce sites you have contracted to build. Include in that, both are relatively easy to set-up, customize to certain parameters, and to upload clientele catalogs the site almost builds itself. At least it makes the build process quicker than it did in the past.

As a web developer, and in your agency you are always looking for the tools that will streamline and uniform the procedures it takes to have a fully functioning ecommerce site. When you are utilizing the WordPress/Woocommerce combination, you can get that speed that you want to update stock, process orders, gather customer info and the like. We at FigPay have designed an Ecommerce Suite that presses down on the speed lever even more. When you utilize and install FigPay360, the Complete Solution for an ecommerce site, you can streamline the site build of getting the needed SSL certificate and it’s secure seal, connect a fully functioning Reputation Management System, a reliable wholesale payment gateway connection, onsite Product Reviews set, as well as a proven set of cart abandonment abatement strategies upon that WordPress/Woocommerce combo. Making what you are providing to your client that much more powerful and ready for success.

FigPay360 was created specifically for the WordPress and Woocommerce use combination (we can also work with WordPress/Magento too)

To add to all of that great news, we have more. It doesn’t cost your agency anything at all to feature and use the FigPay360 Ecommerce Suite. That’s right, there is no licensing fee, no software package to buy, or plugin to collect. It is completely free for you as the web developer to use!

That no up-front cost an additional benefit attached. After the build and you deliver the ecommerce site to your client, we give you the added plus of a residual income stream from your clientele each month. As they sell, run their payment processing through FigPay360, you receive a rev share on the percentage of their monthly volume. You get paid as long as they use FigPay360, month in, month out. We designed it that way for your agency to realize income where it once wasn’t available!

WordPress, Woocommerce and FigPay360 is the best combination you can provide for those clamoring businesses who want to take their online efforts to the Next Level.

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