Integration of new and existing systems for a smooth transition.

We specialize in the integrating of FigPay’s products and services with your existing or new payment processing tools.

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We consult with you to get you the best solution for processing payments.

Your new gateway integration, that which transfers to you the money for the paid-for services or products you have gotten to the public. Along each point of management from the beginning in the POS systems, mobile applications, SAAS and the physical terminals all the way to the ecommerce shopping carts, inventory management and the virtual capabilities of card processing all play a part in your business’s success.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems

All of our payment acceptance solutions adhere to the latest PCI Data Security Standards — from our credit card terminals to our PayPages, Hosted Checkout, and more. Want to keep it simple? You can even outsource your PCI compliance requirements to us!

SAAS (Software As A Service) Solution.

The detailed requirements that a software programming company needs are specific and unique. We work with their teams to develop their ability to include payment capabilities in their software offerings to their target demographics.

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Terminals and Equipment

Getting to you what you need to transact business. Whether you are just starting out and need to get all the components of a card processing system to only needing to get a tablet or two more for what you already have, FigPay has your solution.

Mobile Applications

Being on the go and versatile in how, when or where you can take a payment, can make or break you as a business. We have the tools and the solutions from the actual apps you need to load and use to the hardware that will keep you connected to your payment gateway.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart

We are all about a seamless transaction process and we have the information and solutions that will make the ecommerce processing a snap. Getting you the right shopping cart systems that integrate with the other financial and management tools you may already be using is an expertise of ours.

Management Systems

Your business is not just about bringing in the money, it is also how you manage your other resources in relation to that money that brings you the profits you want to see. FigPay can get you what you are in need of when it comes to Inventory, Employee or Financial management systems.

At FigPay you aren’t a number, you’re part of our business family. Start capturing the profits through seamless payment processing.

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