A global reach is only as good as your transaction processing.

Gain the more efficient way to process international payments and truly connect to the worldwide economy.

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Go global now with efficient, secure international payment processing.

We are experienced at helping merchants with navigating foreign compliance issues and maintaining good international standing relationships with regulatory agencies and payment associations in other countries.

Whether your business is considered a managed risk account by onshore banks, you are looking to expand abroad, or you are in search of more lenient foreign business legislation, FigPay is here to help you achieve the most efficient and profitable international commerce plan possible.

With FigPay you can finally go international with your company

When you are global in what you have to offer the marketplace, processing cards can become a hindrance. We have the solutions for your international acquiring of the payments you receive outside the U.S.

We have the capabilities to receive 150+ transaction currencies, so you can do business nearly anywhere there is a banking system. We also have access to over 80 alternative payment methods that allow the flexibility needed in some of these other countries. Additionally we have local currency acceptance, settlement/funding and conversion to your wanted currency all wrapped up in one simple API.

At FigPay you aren’t a number, you’re part of our business family. Start capturing the profits through seamless payment processing.

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