Our History

FigPay was started in 2010 with these ideals in mind: Provide the best product possible, with better service than the rest in the industry and the best method for business owners to process their electronic payments. Our expertise has assisted businesses to reach and satisfy the needs of their consumers for card processing.

Our Objective

We are dedicated to developing the industry’s leading innovations for today’s modern business climate. FigPay’s management team, with over 20 plus years of industry experience applies their knowledge base to handle all aspects of working with merchants, banks, and numerous ISO’s, associations and network groups.

The Benefit

The unique position of which FigPay is in, as an ISO/MSP for the payment card industry is of a great advantage to your company and networks. We can accommodate your company’s processing needs; your organization’s business solution tools to sell; your networks of business owners to create multiple streams of passive income.

For Your Company. The Right Rates. The Right Tools. The Right Solutions.

With FigPay you will find for your company, organization or business connections a Payment Card Processing System that has no equal.

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Merchant Processing Service

Many providers rely on outside parties for fulfillment, we do not!

Complete & In-house

As a merchant service provider, FigPay handles all aspects of the merchant account process. From enrollment all the way to the integration of the payment, inventory among other management systems

Direct & Local Connections

24/7 customer service and tech support for all calls from our valued customers

Sales & Service

All merchants maintain a direct connection with their representative throughout the life of their account. Quick responses are what we are known for ensuring our customers’ needs are taken care of in a timely manner

Products & Services

The years of experience with our support staff on all aspects of the systems and policies

FigPay Expert Knowledge

Once enrolled FigPay’s experience, training and know-how for installation, field support, application programming along with our product partners are leaders in the industry and have the solution for you.

Meet The FigPay Leadership Team.

Greg Chazen
Greg ChazenPresident and Co-Founder
Greg Chazen is responsible for FigPay’s winning business strategy. His 15 years total in the credit card payment processing industry has already achieved 20,000 plus in customer acquisition and over 1 billion in annual volume. Focused completely on delivering success for clients and partners, is responsible for the execution of corporate strategy as well as development of key channel partnerships and merchant relationships. He works closely with the sales teams to ensure the full FigPay enterprise level experience.

Beyond FigPay you will find Mr. Chazen with his family and on the putting green.

Michael Holtby
Michael HoltbyCEO and Co-Founder
As a seasoned bankcard industry professional, Michael Holtby 11 years total in the administration of business (the last 7 years with FigPay) has bridged the gap between bringing the consumer the systems they need to do business with the high-quality enterprise solutions for the credit card processing systems. Mr. Holtby, as a member of the acquisitions team, has been instrumental in delivering for the company the processes that streamline how FigPay works at each point in the process to ensure the experience working with FigPay is exceptional in every way.

When not in the office, he becomes the coach for his daughter’s soccer team, spending time with his family and on the golf tee.

Corey Jepson
Corey JepsonOperations Director
Corey Jepson has been in the bankcard industry for over 16 years, the last 6 years with FigPay. He works closely with managing the product roadmap and all product-related decisions within the company adding more of the technological advancements that happen in the marketplace. Mr. Jepson continues to help support the customer service efforts of the company and bringing each valued customer the best experience possible.

He has his roots in Arizona and the ups and downs of the Arizona Cardinals.

Jed Holtby
Jed HoltbySales Director
Jed Holtby has been in the payment processing industry for over 12 years, the last 7 years with FigPay. His expertise allows FigPay’s customers the peace of mind that whichever may occur that there is someone to assist them in fixing what went awry. Mr. Holtby continues to help support the customer service efforts of the company and bringing each valued customer the best experience possible.

We Are Committed to Giving You Access to the Best in the Industry.

At FigPay you do not have to “Settle” for a lesser option or for second best. Here and now we connect with the best in the business for processing, equipment, service and regulations. Expect the best, we do!

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