What FigPay has in store for your specific industry “must haves”.

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We can and enjoy working with any type of business.

Here at FigPay, we can work with whichever type of business you are. We have over the course of our time in business have been able to bring our specialties and particular solutions to a certain number of industries that we have gotten advanced expertise in. The following are only a few of those industry types.

Retail Business to Consumers

Everything your company will need to transact business in today’s marketplace is here. From lone locations, to multiple locations or even on the go, FigPay has the processing solution that fits your payment requirements.

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Services On-Location Companies

There are unique requirements with their own specific equipment needs when it comes to numerous service providers taking payments for your company. We have directly sought to solve those situations and provide to mobile service companies the solutions that will maintain their profitability.

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Industrial High Volume Suppliers

What is needed in this type of business is not like what is done for mom-and-pop shops when it comes to payment processing. FigPay has detailed and designed the right solutions for this high volume type of business and from which you can benefit greatly.

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Ecommerce Online Transactions

Despite if you are a brick and mortar location doing business on the web or you are solely selling online, we have what you need to make taking payments securely online a continuous set of smooth transactions.

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Embedding in SAAS

Those software suites which cater to various types of businesses invariably discover the need to have a payment processing component for the full satisfaction of those utilizing their software packages. FigPay works with SAAS companies so that they can remain competitive in their market segments.

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Mortgage Company Processing

Even those industries which are working with large one-time sums have an ever-present need for the best card processing solutions. We have a specialized solution that we have implemented with multi-location, regional and national companies within this industry. Also, of which, we can do for your company.

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Direct Marketing Applications

Each company has a certain set of “must haves” and the direct marketing industry is no different. Your central office is needing to process payments not only securely, but for multiple people on multiple products. All the while tracking and keeping the numbers straight. FigPay has the solution your direct marketing company needs today.

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International Coverage

All industries look to have a global reach and with FigPay you can! No need worrying about the horror stories of payment processing you’ve heard in the past. We can guide you through what you need to know when it comes to taking payments internationally.

At FigPay you aren’t a number, you’re part of our business family. Start capturing the profits through seamless payment processing.

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