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Safeguarding sensitive cardholder data is crucial.

At FigPay, we leverage the latest technologies to provide payment processing solutions that are as secure as they are innovative. If there is a best practice to protect payment information, you can rest assured we’re using it. We even have our own internal processor, which means we can maximize payment security by maintaining control over the entire transaction process!

PCI-compliant payment processing.

All of our payment acceptance solutions adhere to the latest PCI Data Security Standards — from our credit card terminals to our PayPages, Hosted Checkout, and more. Want to keep it simple? You can even outsource your PCI compliance requirements to us!

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Point-to-point encryption and tokenization.

We protect all sensitive data during the transaction, thereby reducing both your PCI scope and your risk for the unauthorized interception of cardholder info. By converting payment data into a random character string or “token,” we’re able to reduce the complexity, time, and costs associated with protecting cardholder data.

State-of-the-art fraud protection.

Our multifaceted approach to payment processing security is designed to provide your business additional safeguards against hackers who would seek to harm your business. Our value-added offerings include real-time scans and analysis, state-of-the-art fraud screening solutions, and more.

EMV chip card acceptance.

Serious about protecting cardholder data? Accept chip cards! Whether you’re looking for an EMV-ready terminal or a semi-integrated solution that will allow you to accept chip cards on your existing point of sale, we’ve got your covered.

E-Commerce credit card solution.

We have partnered with Trust Guard for Total Website Protection

Trust Guard is the first online security company to offer 3-types of state-of-the-art website protection, plus $200,000 in Cyber Protection, to protect your website and your business should there ever be a breach. That’s four layers of defense in all.

Not Just PCI Scanning – Total Website Protection

Trust Guard Total Website Protection helps to protect your website, your business, and your customers from hackers.

It uses a revolutionary 4-layers of Defense, which include:

  • Daily External PCI DSS perimeter scanning

  • Daily Internal Heuristic Malware scanning

  • Auto-Renewing SSL Certificates

  • $100,000 in Cyber Insurance, and $100,000 in Breach Response Insurance

This combination is possibly the most affordable, effective, and comprehensive security and business protection plan for small to medium-sized businesses.

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