It’s part of the Job Description

As a web developer you are not necessarily thinking about what will happen with your client after you have built them the best ecommerce site you can. You are all about providing the right solutions in functionality, the latest site gadgets that will give those who you have contracted with what they wanted from you.

Most oftentimes, the payment gateway and the shopping cart functionality are an afterthought at best. Most of us, because we are not familiar with the benefits or the pitfalls of each payment processing provider, choose to install one that doesn’t take too much customization to make work on the ecommerce site. By doing this, we may have inadvertently set up our client for a fiscal failure.

Those Payment Gateway plugins we can find in the WordPress coffers are usually those who are the large-bin or aggregate merchant accounts that accept anyone to run credit cards. Although easy for us web developers to install, this comes at a higher percentage per transaction with the additional 30 cents or so fee charged per processed payment. Let alone the yearly fees and monthly assessments they can place upon someone using their plugin.

Taking all that into view, for your client, they will be paying in rates and fees thousands more per year and maybe even tens of thousands depending on their monthly volume for the convenience of using those Large-Bin Providers. A cost that they, if they were set up right from the start, would not need to incur.

They also face the prospects of not being able to defend themselves from fraud and frivolous chargebacks, because of the nature of those Large-Bin providers do not allow them to do so. Potentially costing them more in revenues, and perhaps being completely shut down altogether.

What is Best for Your Ecommerce Website Clientele?

FigPay360 was created with you, as the web developer in mind. We wanted the best of both worlds when it came to having the Complete Ecommerce Solution. Here’s what your client gets when you install FigPay360:

  • A true Merchant Identification number that provides the savings on percentage rates, and per-transaction fees.
  • Ability to fight fraud on their account, and dispute chargebacks from frivolous claims.

That alone pays for using FigPay360 for your clientele, the savings of thousands on their monthly volume and protections of their accounts as they do business online is plenty – But we have added even more to the Suite:

  • Site SSL Certificate 60-day auto-renewable for purchase encryption.
  • Daily Malware scans on their site and server to prevent anything malicious from being placed.
  • Cyberattacks and data breach insurance up to $200K if anything adversely happens.
  • Connection to a robust Reputation Management System that connects their customers to Google, Facebook and other platforms for the invaluable reviews that are so needed in today’s marketplace.
  • Ability to place onsite the recommendations and reviews of their verified customers on the services and products they carry – for their potential customers to see strategically.
  • Cart Abandonment Strategies to re-engage their customers, rescue the sale, and save the revenue that they want to have.

All of that is included within the FigPay360 Ecommerce Suite. Everything your client needs to be successful with their online sales and acquisitions!

We Don’t Leave You Out of the Equation Either

As their web developer and designer, for using at no charge to you or your agency the FigPay360 Suite we get you back residual each month. A revenue share on the monthly volume of what your Ecommerce Client is transacting through their connection to FigPay360. The ability to create and maintain an additional income stream for your agency as you do what you do best is the most optimal situation to have. With FigPay360, you get that ability!

No extra programming or install headaches. No need to support anything extra. And no need for your agency to worry about the yearly maintenance contracts for continuous income for your agency.

Instead of setting them up for failure, set up your ecommerce clientele that will allow them and you to be paid more each month from their savings of using FigPay360.