The State of Business

Now that we all are dealing with the effects of COVID-19 and however long the pandemic lasts, it’s crystal clear that many businesses will need to adjust to the new reality in which millions of people are physically distancing at home. As long as brick-and-mortar businesses remain closed, those people will need to rely on ecommerce in order to obtain many of their supplies. The national trends were going this direction anyway. With nearly all the big-box stores struggling to keep their doors open, with many restructuring or even going out of business altogether. No matter which reason, the case is that this all may lead to more demand for web developers/designers who specialize in e-commerce websites.

State of Business Going Online

The outlook for those already in the industry, can be quite rosy if you know how to capture the business. As of 2019 according to Burning Glass Technologies, an analytics software company, a study has shown that there is a need for web designers across the industry, even before the COVID-19 hit. Businesses are rapidly shifting to ecommerce, and those web developers (and their agencies) who are without a strong ecommerce portal building set of skills will need to acquire them quickly. This toolkit of sorts of the skills necessary for ecommerce is as follows;

  • User Experience (UX)
  • Coding Skills (Forms, Order Fulfillment, etc)
  • Ecommerce Analytics and SEO
  • Cybersecurity Training
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Web Development agencies and their designers now have a chance to truly make a difference in the lives of those clientele by being as efficient and effective as possible in building of the online profit centers websites need to be.

We Are Here To Help

When we here at FigPay sat down early in the 4th quarter of 2019, we couldn’t have imagined that creating the FigPay360 Complete Ecommerce Suite would be so crucial to what has happened recently. We were just trying to provide for the Web Development Agency a Suite of tools that they could use (and their clients could exponentially benefit from) to get the best ecommerce built for the businesses they contracted with. By having a direct connection to Wholesale Payment Processing, Website Security, Reputation Management System, Onsite Recommendations as well as Cart Abandonment Strategies have been the answer most companies are looking for now that they are needing to be better at their ecommerce abilities, actions, and sales. Here’s how each helps you and your agency out in these trying times:

  1. User Experience – When you are able to capture the sale without any processing issues, through receiving 3rd party testimonials from verified customers you are able to grow the satisfaction of the user experience all along the sales acquisition path.
  2. Coding (Forms, Order Fulfillment etc.) – You as the developer will not have to do anything above and beyond some simple coding within the WordPress themes you use for your clientele. No need to reprogram or go into the CSS for any of what’s included in FigPay360. Step by step instructions are available for the easy install.
  3. Ecommerce Analytics and SEO – Each of the components of the Suite has been proven effective by third-party research to increase the “stickiness” of a site, confidence in performing transactions on the ecommerce site, and an increase in sales revenue when FigPay360 is fully operating on the site.
  4. Cybersecurity Training – One of the main components of FigPay360 is properly securing the ecommerce site with a robust SSL certificate that renews every 60 days, plus adding daily malware scanning of the site AND the Cyberattack and Data Breach insurance, your training is almost complete.

All of this, PLUS, you and your agency when you use at no cost to you the FigPay360 Complete Solution, you are setting up an additional income stream. We at FigPay360 will get back to you a revenue residual that is processed by your ecommerce clientele on a monthly basis. Whatever volume they do each month, you will receive the rev share from them! That in and of itself is worth getting FigPay360 as your Ecommerce Solution.

How to Access FigPay360 for Your Website Building Efforts

In an instant you can gain what you need to be able to answer the call of businesses clamoring to get a better presence with their ecommerce sites. Click here and fill out the form and schedule a time with our representatives that can walk you through the simple process of getting FigPay360 and showing the benefits to those with who you do business.  Take the time right now and get this working as quickly for you before the COVID-19 Economy changes again.