With 2019 roaring as it did for business and for online sales, transacted more than three trillion dollars globally. And no one can deny how alluring that is for companies, but in the same breath the challenges of doing business on the Web with all the competition is considerable.

Along with this opportunity, come the opportunists, the fraudsters, the hackers, among other concerns you as an ecommerce retailer need to address. Thankfully there are modern tools for today’s online retailers, such as all-in-one enterprise-level ecommerce suites.

Data A Plenty

In this information age, every stroke of the keyboard is recorded. That distinct advantage over brick and mortar companies can be crucial in becoming profitable online. By customizing the User Experience, i.e. how your potential (and hopefully eventual) customers experience your company online, you can draw them into transacting business with you, more often, and with higher per-transaction rates. The touchpoints on where they and you connect, or can connect are all a part of that User Experience.

You need to be where they are looking for you which is usually Google Search and having a robust presence with your Reputation Management efforts works well in building confidence in doing business with your company.

It’s essential that online stores understand each website visitor, and that the data helps to cross-sell and upsell products in lieu of a sales specialist physically there to attend to customers. The online world relies on data the way “main street stores’ relied on sales tactics – today’s modern online consumer expects a personalized experience, and company’s like yours need to deliver on this expectation, or you can lose them forever.

Robust, flexible, effective security

Online security needs to be multi-layered, combining automation and the personal touch of a specialist. Additionally, these measures need to conducted in conjunction with the rest of the components of Ecommerce Suite. Keeping an eye on the different areas of security, that historically could be vulnerable to hacking, to identifying fraud and combating chargebacks.

This also entails having the ability to re-engage consumer attention. This precious commodity is essential for profitability and the lowering of the rates of cart abandonment on an ecommerce site. The solution you bring in to your online store must quickly identify those traits of the user in real-time in a matter of milliseconds, so that the sale can be rescued and the revenues realized.

There is a very good reason why ecommerce is all the rage now, but you and your team need to have a real partner to help you navigate this complex and ever-evolving space. For businesses looking to drive sales, and mitigate or even avoid the effects of poor security, an enterprise-level ecommerce suite like FigPay360 is an absolute requirement.

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