A Tough Row to Hoe

The state of business in America is presently a hard one. The pandemic has isolated you, your employees and your business from the world. The good news is, you’re not the only one! Even when our businesses are out of the Covid 19 quarantine, it will take gargantuan efforts and a bit of time to bring back the business machine you built that was humming along well, before the Coronavirus hit our shores.

Because of the restrictions governments (municipal, state and federal) are placing upon commerce right now, the buying patterns and the sales cycles we once experienced have shifted. Some have become longer, some simply no longer exist, and yet others have shifted over to the World Wide Web. Now is the time to make the right move for your company. If you had not considered or taken seriously what is online for your business, or how it is presented, you need to do that today. This Pandemic scenario has made it difficult for physical stores to survive. There is a need for companies to set up their businesses, and their sales funnels online.

If you don’t have the acumen to do it yourself, or anyone on your staff that is capable, we have a few web development agencies that we can recommend for you to utilize to get your business online as quickly and effectively as possible. Regardless you need to reach out to those as fast as you can so that you won’t have to experience a shut down like this ever again.

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Getting a Jump Start

We have recently designed for you who are looking to bring your bottom line to the Next Level, an Ecommerce Suite that includes all you would need to have to make your website as easy as possible which with to do business. Heaven only knows all businesses need as much help as they can get and we have fortunately have that available for you just in the nick of time.

It is called FigPay360. It includes what you will need to reliably and profitably capture the revenues that are coming your way through a connection to wholesale credit card processing. This, in this day and time, will save you thousands over the course of the year in fees alone. You also get in the FigPay360 Suite the encryption your site is needing to build the confidence of your site being secure to do business. With a robust SSL Certificate that renews automatically every 60 days, daily malware scanning and the security seal for all to see. No one will ever doubt that you can be trusted in business online.

Additionally you receive access and the connection to a Reputation Management System that facilitates higher participation of getting the external reviews that everyone is researching your company by. On Google, Facebook and many more platforms, you will be able to drive the good words of your customers to the right places that will make the difference, drive viewers to your site, and assist them in doing business with you. With the Complete Suite of FigPay360 you also receive the ability to place onsite reviews and recommendations on your site where viewers of your pages can see them. Verified customers are willing to place their experience with you and you can share them readily with FigPay360. We care about your success, and most often in the sales funnel that is on your site shopping cart abandonment is the number one thing ecommerce sites have to deal with. We have a program within FigPay360 that assists you in re-engaging those dropped customers and give you the chance to get the sale once more.

FigPay360 the Complete Ecommerce Solution for your business in these trying times. Click Here to Fill out the form and schedule a time to talk to our representatives about getting connected with the Solution!