You can’t help but see the news reports, of a data breach here, or a hacking there from the companies that you have done business with in the past. This near-daily occurrence has happened so frequently that is is now commonplace where you automatically assume, at one point or another, it will happen to those companies with which you bought something. This issue of keeping things secure online is compounded when you as a business owner or an executive of a company that is directly responsible for that NOT happening to those who choose to do business with you.

Many points of security have been developed in the Credit Card Processing industry to assist with preventing this: EMV and having PCI compliance protocols are a must and we at FigPay have the best options on the market. But we want to keep going the Extra Mile for our clientele, and in our research we have come across the services and products of Trust Brands and their online TrustGuard product offering and knew we just had to partner up for your benefit.

Who and What  is TrustGuard?

As the Internet has matured and grown so have the capabilities of doing business, as well as hacking into that company’s data. I recently had a chance to sit down with Scott Bradley and DJ Sprague of TrustGuard to discuss the growing concern of Web Security.

“Over the years we have provided our customers the web security they needed,” said Scott Bradley, COO of TrustGuard, “in the past that was usually through PCI compliance tools. But more and more we saw the hackers were getting more sophisticated in their attacks, and we had to find new ways to keep websites secure.” They at TrustGuard are up to the task of keeping a company’s website data safe from prying eyes.

A four layered system of protection was developed by Scott, DJ and their team. First, there is the PCI DSS Scanning of a website to see if there are any vulnerabilities that expose a site to a breach. Second, through Artificial Intelligence they search for any malicious programming that may have been placed internally (if someone has potentially hacked in). Third is the SSL Certificates that encrypt your site, and the communications of it from server to browser and back. Lastly, there is certified insurance for Cyber Attacks and Breaches that may occur giving you, as the business owner, the confidence that you are covered every which way you can be with your online presence.

DJ Sprague, VP of Marketing, mentioned, “ We want to bring to the marketplace the best in online security so that our clients can put their business online securely, that their customers can have the utmost confidence in doing business with them every single time,” he continued, “and that they can have their higher profitability at a lower monthly cost through what we do here at TrustGuard.”

Whether you know it or not, it isn’t just the large websites that are hacked. The instances in the media are the ones that got reported, just imagine the breaches (your site may be included) that go unreported and undetected. Protect your web data, financial transactions and your bottom line with our incredible partnership with  TrustGuard. “With FigPay you can save on what it costs to do business, combined with TrustGuard you can now have confidence that you can keep it,” DJ concluded.

Find out more about the TrustGuard Figpay Partnership by clicking here.