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FigPay’s sales partners grow their business by adding the complete set of credit card payment tools that you can use to attract and win more customers than you have been able in the past.

Increase your connections, loyalty, and revenue by passing on to your clients the benefits and savings to them!

Competitive Revenue Share

Performance Bonuses

Lifetime Residuals

Same Day Approval for Qualified Leads

Agent Dashboard for Sales Tracking

Free Terminal Access

As our sales partner, you provide your clients with an omni-channel platform that guarantees the fastest transaction times, the best security, and the lowest rates to be had in the industry. Your opportunity here right now can increase the growth and profits of your business that you can see in real-time.

Sales Training

To help your business grow and to help you gain the skills to win accounts, FigPay provides sales training, branded marketing opportunities, and ongoing support.

Sales Support

We do more than simply answer calls, FigPay’s leading industry products come with the highest standard of maintenance and support for our sales partners and their clients. Personalized client services are available 24/7 and are just a call or click away.

Growth of Revenue

FigPay’s competitive revenue sharing program and bundled pricing help our sales partners work more effectively by increasing sales at a less-cost-per-transaction. The tools, services, and support to increase your clients’ sales margins and maximize your professional income.

Omni-Channel Card Processing

Your valued clients can accept payments across all their sales channels and devices on a single gateway access. As an all-in-one payment processor, FigPay deals with your clients to reduce vendors, cut costs and simply reports for reconciliation.

Advanced Security

Our enhanced security methods go above and beyond the required PCI Compliance Standards, providing the highest level of safety for your customers’ data. As a FigPay sales partner, you can reduce your clients the PCI scope and cost, minimize liability risks and keep them from being a headline. The solutions are numbered as follows:

  • Captcha Capabilities
  • SRED
  • Protected Transactions Keypad (PTK)
  • Hosted Payment Pages

Reliable, Timely Technology

Our innovative technology, updated as many times as needed has dedicated developers supporting and driving the technology needed and being used in real time by your clients, which allows FigPay to be agile to meet the wants and desires of your accounts.

  • Online and Electronic Application Process
  • Fast and Easy Set Up for Your Accounts
  • Flexible API’s for Customizations
  • High Levels of Fraud Prevention
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Types of Business Services with FigPay

We know that your business needs are different from other businesses. To help every merchant account and provide the perfect solution, we tailor our credit card processing services to fit any type of business. FigPay has plenty of experience in helping businesses like yours find the payment processing solution needed to make their business thrive.

Here is found the best way to be in business for you and your clients!

Reliable Transaction Processing Daily

As a retail business, you always want to be at least two steps ahead of your competition. FigPay offers retail merchant accounts that will allow you to take your customer’s payments quickly and easily, and even provide payment options. With FigPay, you get the security you need and the lowest processing rates in the entire industry – guaranteed.

We have the newest credit card machines and technology. With the ability to customize your payment solutions and access to an expert support team, we can help you accept any payment that comes your way. When it comes to giving you the best products and service for your Retail Merchant Account, FigPay stands out among the competitors by providing:

• Quick credit and debit card authorizations
• Your choice of stand-alone or PC systems, fully-integrated, or networked systems that are entirely flexible to meet your needs.
• Customizable and detailed reporting packages specifically designed for the retail industry
• One key reauthorization and networking

At FigPay, we are dedicated to providing top-of-the-line retail credit card processing services and continue to be the leader in Retail Merchant Services.

Customized to the Industry

No matter what terminal solutions you need for your business, FigPay has the merchant account with the hardware and software you need to handle all of the transactions you make. Whether you run a small café or a large restaurant, the features of a FigPay merchant account are specifically designed to make your business run smoother. In addition to supporting and accepting all major credit cards, our systems can also:

• Add tips to the bill, even after authorization has been completed

• Combine bar tabs and dinner bills into one simple payment

• Track and report tips and transactions by name

• Create and customize reports to keep track of your business

Connecting with High Volume

FigPay knows that attracting profitable customers and maintaining those long-term connections is increasingly important to our sales partners. With our strong and competitive revenue percentages we offer to our partners, we make it that much easier to gain and maintain those crucial accounts.

  • Reduce your client’s cost through sales proficiency, industry experience, and economies of scale through long-term alliances with our service, products for your merchant account business.
  • Be able to offer Financial Institutions the complete package of credit, debit, and check transaction processing.
  • A complete turnkey system that can immediately be a benefit to your customers.

Additionally, when you tap into the revenue building power of any Financial Institution, you can realize the potential benefits of doing so as they use the FigPay Credit Card Payment Processing system.

Service Oriented Processing Needs

Your business takes you almost everywhere; you work from home, you go out to your customers, and you meet at conventions and trade shows across the country. There are no limits in your industry, so why should there be any limits with your credit card processor? With FigPay, we can give you a service industry merchant account that is just as flexible and capable as your business. FigPay is the leader in providing businesses like yours the merchant account they need to process payments on-the-go. With the lowest rates in the industry, the most advanced technology available, and 24/7 customer service and support, Fig Pay is what you need for your business to succeed.

The wireless POS terminals that we offer at FigPay will allow you to accept a payment wherever and whenever. With us, your customers will trust that their payments will be processed safely and quickly. With a service business merchant account, you will be able to:

• Accept payments from all major credit and debit cards, checks, and even gift cards

• Accept and process payments in real-time

• Instantly issue credits to customers

• Completely void transactions quickly and safely

• Review all transactions online

As a Government Agency –

You are held to a high standard and operate with efficiency and exactness at all times – especially when it comes to handling payments from customers. You need to be able to accept all forms of payments quickly and easily. With FigPay, the leader in government agency merchant services, you will have access to our 24/7 support for government agencies, the best professional and courteous customer service available, and the lowest rates in the entire industry – guaranteed.

As the leader in serving government agencies across the nation and providing the payment processing solutions they need, we are always current with the most recent government regulations. At FigPay, we will provide you the perfect system you need to run your operation efficiently, and we already have experience in serving several government programs, such as:

• Public Utilities

• Labor and Employment

• Child Support and Welfare

• Tax and Revenue

• Public Assistance

• Transportation

• Healthcare and Home Health Agencies

• And more

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The Tools to Do Business Anywhere

The wireless merchant is simple and very similar to the traditional POS credit card processing systems. As you have the terminal to swipe the cardholder’s credit or debit card that captures their card information via the magnetic stripe or card chip. From the terminal to the processing bank and back within seconds. And now this can be done anywhere you can pick up a cellular signal.

Now you can take to your prospective customers this ability to take their business and ability to transact business anywhere. From the smallest entrepreneurs at a trade show, to the largest who are out on location with their own customers you as a sales partner can now accommodate their needs. You can tell them:

  • Stop missing out on sales to customers who didn’t bring enough cash!
  • Stop spending additional fees renting phone lines at conferences, and trade shows
  • Stop paying higher rates on transactions because you couldn’t swipe the card

Once their account is established, gaining their wireless terminal set up, is also PCI compliant as they need to take care of their own customers’ data as a brick and mortar would need to. They can transact business on the road, and where ever it may happen.

Accommodating to the Needs of Your Clients

FigPay’s Mail Order / Telephone Order credit card processing solutions to increase your ability to gain the accounts you want. Now you can offer quick, secure transactions for “card not present” sales; Increase your clients’ ability for security with comprehensive fraud protection; Improve your loyalty with online account management.

Improve your clients’ satisfaction by offering a full range of payment options to their consumers. No doubt about it, online shopping and distance shopping will grow and will generate phone sales for your clients. Simply put, accepting credit cards by phone or mail order is still important to maintaining sales and attracting new accounts.

We know your clients don’t want to wait for answers and we know you can’t afford that either, therefore, we offer 24/7 customer service so that getting a response you and they need is more convenient and flexible than ever. Our MOTO merchant solutions are, of course, PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified, which helps to reduce risk to your clientele. Keeping each one of them from being a headline of warning on the evening news.

Connect Your Online Merchant Account

As the want and convenience of online shopping continue to grow, your clients’ consumers expect flexible payment options and faster checkouts. Remember more clicks you require, the more abandonment of the sale happens. FigPay can assist you to integrate for your eCommerce merchant accounts with major shopping carts, streamlining the transaction process for efficient online shopping and accurate reporting.

  1. Meet your customers’ growing demands and expectations
  2. Streamline the transaction process for more efficient shopping and accurate reporting
  3. Comply with PCI standards to ensure the highest level of data security and reduce shopping cart abandonment

FigPay offers its sales partners the best payment processing solutions in the industry!

Additional Processing Needs Available

Corporate business payment processing is different than what is widely known for consumer credit card processing. The Level 2 and 3 processing dictates for B2B merchants to include additional required information on each transaction started. Acceptance of Level 2 and/or Level 3 payments reduces your customers’ fees and increases their profits. As you approach B2B companies you can place in front of them exactly what is needed.

As a sales partner, FigPay provides your client companies with this specialized B2B merchant account solution for accepting business, purchasing and corporate card transaction, including the software required to accept the Level 3 payments. Integration solutions that allow you to offer an easy and seamless payment processing to their current accounting, ERP and CRM software packages for data entry and reconciliation. The offered API’s and other payment plugins fit popular business management systems. We can also get into the customization of what your B2B company client needs.

The Processing Answer for Hotels

Your hotel prides itself about excellent customer service and making your guest’s stay relaxing from check-in until check-out. When it comes to your hotel, you know how important it is to never skimp on service, so why use a mediocre payment system when you can have a FigPay hotel merchant account? With us, you will be able to accept credit cards throughout the hotel without a worry. Your payment system will be synchronized from the front desk to the gift shop, the individual rooms, restaurants, and even the spa!

With features that were specifically designed with the hotel industry in mind, such as one-key reauthorization, networking, and no-show flags, FigPay will help take your establishment to the next level. We are the leaders in hotel payment solutions, and much like your hotel, we know how important great customer service is for a business. That is why we will provide you with our 24/7 support, the most advanced technologies, and the best customer service you could ask for. The best part? We guarantee that our rates are the lowest in the hotel payment solutions industry.

Why Choose Us

      • Easy access and set up from the online application process for your clients
      • Industry specific customization for those companies who need those variations
      • The latest technology for Credit Card Payment Processing access via FigPay
      • Multiple system options for the various types of needs for processing transactions
      • The FigPay difference in technical support because we care about your client as much as you do.

What Client’s Say

We were looking for the right solution for our cafe that we had started a couple years back. Back when we started we didn’t know there was a difference with credit card payment processing companies. If we had, we would have been looking for FigPay much sooner. Thanks for what you have done for us!
Lucas G., Avada
I got the terminals, and the Point of Sale, FIG POS to make sure my restaurant wasn’t dropping the ball with any of our customers.Loved the feature within the system that allows us to track what our customers have with us so we can be of better service to our regulars. We also rely heavily on the Inventory reports when it comes to making sure we have everything stocked. It’s great!
Jacob Y., Avada
Let me say something. You at FigPay have an amazing system and an awesome support staff. They helped me on something that we messed up. They were patient and walked us back through the steps to make sure it was all working right once more. This is what I call an “extra mile” in customer relationship.
Shelly H., Avada

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