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What is wanted is a full-service provider, a company that can offer payment processing, product development, reports that you need and applications to manage all the aspect of your money. When you begin with FigPay you gain this all-in-one.

  • Authorize credit cards, debit cards and checks almost instantly.
  • Choose from a variety of choice in the POS Software and the processing equipment that best fits your needs.
  • Increase security with EMV and PCI Compliant processing solutions.

Fig POS Beats Them All

At FigPay you get everything you need. A register, a card swiper, with multiple features for your business getting you all that you need to transact business each day. You can’t find a POS that has more than we do –  FigPay is loaded with great features at a fraction of the cost of other software –  POSLevu, Clover, NCR Silver, Square, Breadcrumbs and the like. Below are what you receive when you get set up with FigPay. Find Out More of what is available with the system.

  • Tiles

  • Sub-Groups

  • Modifiers

  • Customer Note

  • Tips

  • Discounts

  • Email Receipt

  • Text Receipt

  • Inventory

  • Reports

  • Split Tender

  • CRM & Data

  • Time Clock

  • Open Tabs

  • Live Support

  • Export Report

  • Gift Card

  • Other Tender

  • Payroll Tool

  • Table Control

  • Kitchen Screen

  • Split Kitchen

  • Printer Controls

  • Host Station

  • Pool Tips

  • Text Blasts

  • Email Blasts

  • Security Mode

  • Phone Report

  • Multi Tax Rates

  • Offline Mode

  • Interchange Rates

  • Setup Fee – FREE

  • Monthly – 3 iPads – $50

  • Leasing

  • Financing

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Both a Physical or a Virtual Payment Terminal from FigPay Will Gain for You What You Need for Business

Our wide selection of terminals and pin pads are available for you to have where you transact business!

Here Are Some Details on Our Leading Terminals

Below you will be able to find additional specifications on the terminals and pin pads that we generally recommend for use in businesses like yours.

Verifone Vx680 (Wireless)

A handheld wireless device prime for delivery drivers, trade shows and anywhere outside of your place of business. Available for those on-the-road transactions with minimal consumer waiting time. Equipped with HSPA+ 3G, makes it the fastest portable, handheld payment devices. This device is the way to go to maximize performance for your business’s daily transactions.

Ingenico ICT 250

Included with the terminal: NFC/contactless, EMV and magstripe meets the highest security requirements and is PCI PTS 3.x certified with SRED and Open protocol modules. Brand promotion is empowered by a crisp color display, software customization and hardware personalization options (top casing, printer cover flap or lens).

Verifone Vx520

A reliable, durable countertop device that is built to last. Can handle encryption, decryption, and processes very quickly due to the included processor and expandable memory. NFC capabilities are integrated to support alternative payment methods and also supports value-added applications such as loyalty or gift card acceptance.

Verifone Vx805

The contactless Pin Pad provides precisely what you need in this convenient payment device allowing merchants to process a range of transactions through multiple connectivity options. Additionally, it contains the latest in security protections.

Ingenico PinPad 310

The PinPad 310 is among the world’s smallest and lightest devices, designed for easy handling and robust daily use. With a USB connection, compact size and single cable, the PinPad 310 is easy to integrate into the Fig Pay System.

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Mobile and Wireless Solutions for Business

A company needs to be able to transact business where ever they may find themselves. Often there is a need to go off-site of your primary place of business to capture the financial opportunities that become available for your organization. FigPay has two of the best Mobile and Wireless capable solutions for your credit card processing needs.

PayAnywhere and phoneSWIPE

Find out exactly what you can get with either of these great choices for your mobile and wireless requirements. Each item is detailed below.


The Robust App

You can accept all major credit card brands, including American Express for the same rate. Track and record cash payments. Add discounts, tips, and taxes. Organize your inventory with color-coded categories, item options, and multi-level prices.

Equipment and Funding

Swipe safely and securely with the free credit card reader, running on the free Phone Swipe app available for Apple and Android devices. You can get to the money faster when funds are deposited into the bank account next day, for all sales processed by 5PM ET.

Phone Swipe Security

Businesses can reduce the possibility for fraudulent activity by processing transactions immediately using end-to-end encryption. With this method, Credit and Debit Card data is not stored and is not accessible after the sale. It allows for a worry-free approach to accepting credit card payments.

Real Time Reporting

Phone Swipe has a versatile array of reporting features, including real-time transaction reporting by card type, transaction type, and best-selling products. Plus you can customize the reporting suite with custom date ranges and robust search tool to find individual transactions.

Inventory, Tip & Tax Options

Merchants can set up an inventory of individual products, with pictures, into easily navigable and sortable categories. If your merchants need to add discounts, tip, or tax, that’s not a problem. Discounts and tips can be set to default or custom amounts as well as setting the Geo Tax feature based on the merchant’s location.

Real Time Processing

The safety and security of your merchant account customers are the highest priority. We work hard to ensure that Credit and Debit Card data doesn’t get stored on the phone, the Application or the terminal by utilizing end-to-end encryption that ensures each transaction is protected.


Business Building

One of the advantages you can utilize is the ability to transact business across platforms (Web, mobile, on location or on the road) and do it efficiently and securely. Completely responsive to where ever business can be transacted.

Company Inventory

Have real-time visibility of all your inventory across multiple locations, while managing goods and services, receipts, ordering etc. Know exactly where you stand when you use Pay Anywhere.

Sales Anywhere

Let your business and clients know that you can do business, anywhere at anytime. You will be able to see the history of who bought, when they bought and how much they spend/spent with you as you develop that sales relationship.

Express Sales

The ability to instantly add a previous sale amount with the tap of the screen for your clientele. Offering faster features for merchants. Drive the upsell in your business with the natural add-ons that exist in your businesses.

Analytics and Reporting

Direct access to the data that helps you capture, organize and track what you are doing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Powerful reporting tools and analytics are available for you to access and benefit from.

Swipe to Sell

The ability to simply swipe a card, enter an amount with the tap of the screen. Offering more flexible transactions. Launch your promotions and sales campaigns off on the right foot!

Online Payment Gateways Allow Easy Access To Do Business with Your Company Every Time

When you are looking for the best possible payment gateway for your customers, look no further than FigPay. With its omnichannel capabilities, advanced security methods and fraud management tools, The payment gateways Fig Pay employs can help you with one-time, subscription and shopping cart availability.

  • Secure your organization’s and your customer’s data by complying with PCI standards

  • Improve business operations with advanced management functions, including reports, batching, returns and voids, and user permissions

  • Swipe or hand key payments via multiple interfaces, including mobile, POS systems, software integration, payment plugins and shopping carts, just to name a few

  • Accept all major credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments with fast, secure account verification

Just with a Click of a Mouse, Your Customers Can Make Quick, Efficient Payments

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We Work with the Largest Platforms

With systems that adapt to your technology and features needed that align with your business. FigPay works with the largest platforms in the payment processing industry to assist all sizes of companies large and small. Some of them are listed below but are certainly not limited to the following:

  • Global Systems
  • EPX
  • First Data
  • TSYS
  • Payment Tech

We serve the needs of a very diverse set of partners, and merchants. Our unique combination of payment experience and industry depth enables us to deliver to you an unprecedented level of integration and customization for your business.

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“WOW – I don’t really know what else to say. We were in need to streamline how we were bringing in our working capital.  Fees were strapping us down. Once we got set up with FigPay we immediately felt the relief from all we had hitting us before. Thank you for all your hard work! I am really looking forward to building my company with what we have saved, and with which we will continue to save.” – Gerald T.

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